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Personalized Baby Gift Set with 6 Pieces

Personalized Baby Gift Set with 6 Pieces

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Welcome the newest member of the family and elevate your gift-giving game with our delightful custom baby gift sets! This 6-piece ensemble is a treasure trove of joy features:

○ TWO 120cm x 120cm Muslin Swaddles

○ Custom Embroidered Lovey Blanket

○ Handmade Knit Animal Rattler

○ Pair of Baby Shoes

○ Wooden "Hello World" Milestone Card

Each set begins with a Custom Embroidered Lovey Blanket, a warm and personal embrace for the newest addition to the family. Personalize it with symbols, dates, names, animals, or any enchanting detail that captures your imagination.

Following the lovey blanket, discover two charming Muslin Swaddles - 120cm x 120cm of softness and versatility. Whether adorned with playful prints or soothing solids, these swaddles are a cozy addition to your baby's world.

Next in the lineup is a whimsical Handmade Rattler, crafted with love to bring smiles and joy to the little one. The perfect companion for tiny hands exploring the wonders of sound and touch.

Keep those tiny toes snug with a pair of adorable Baby Shoes that add a touch of cuteness to every step. Choose the color that complements your chosen theme and let those little feet dance in style.

Last but not least, commemorate those precious milestones with a wooden "Hello World" Milestone Card, a timeless keepsake capturing the moment your little one entered the world.

Select from our themed sets—Yellow, Gray, Blue/Green, or Pink—each carefully curated for a perfect blend of style and sentiment. Make your gift truly unique, just like the bundle of joy it's meant for!

○ YELLOW SET: Begin the journey of joy with the Custom Embroidered Sunshine-Yellow Lovey Blanket, a personalized haven for your little one. Adorned with a playful giraffe print and solid yellow swaddle, accompanied by an adorable giraffe rattler, yellow shoes, and a wooden "Hello World" Milestone Card.

○ GRAY SET: Step into a world of enchantment with the Custom Embroidered Gray-Themed Lovey Blanket. Wrapped in twinkling stars and a solid gray swaddle, this set includes an endearing bunny rattler, sweet gray shoes, and a wooden "Hello World" Milestone Card.

○ BLUE/GREEN SET: Immerse your little one in whimsy with the Custom Embroidered Blue/Green-Themed Lovey Blanket. Complemented by a charming elephant print and solid blue/green swaddle, this set features an elephant rattler, trendy blue/green shoes, and a wooden "Hello World" Milestone Card.

○ PINK SET: Embrace sweetness with the Custom Embroidered Pink-Themed Lovey Blanket. Enhanced by delicate flowers and a solid pink swaddle, this set includes a knit deer rattler, cute pink shoes, and a wooden "Hello World" Milestone Card.

Choose the set that matches the little one's style and make gifting a memory they'll cherish forever!
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